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Finally, a licensed supplement for your teen's mental well-being.

My name is Alain Roy. I'm the founder and President of Veeva. This is the story of why and how Veeva developed a supplement for teens' mental well-being. Teens are struggling out there. Now we can help them, naturally.

When we launched our Stress Formula back in 2010, SO many parents asked us if they could get the product for their kids. Of course, the answer was no. Supplements are developed using research papers and clinical trials done on adults. Therefore, we don't know how the ingredients and dosages will behave in kids.

Later, when we launched our Anxiety Formula, even more parents asked us if they could get it for their kids. Again, the answer was no.

It's a sad state of affairs when we think of supplements to help with stress or anxiety for kids. Teens are having an especially hard time out there. Our view is that lifestyle factors and talk therapies should always come first. And still, the need for more remains. So we entered 7 years of development, finding those herbs and nutrients that DO have support for safety and efficacy IN TEENS.


Teens face a much different world than their parents did. It has become a very fast, very public world where everyone knows everything about everything. Expectations are high, peer pressure is stronger than ever, and ever-present devices are addictive and may disrupt brain chemistry. No wonder teens are struggling out there.


Creating a product for teen mental well-being is not the same as creating an adult formula. Safety and efficacy scientific references for the use of herbals and nutrients in teens is limited.

Veeva formulators looked for botanicals and nutrients that would help teens AND that are supported by scientific literature to be safe and efficacious.


From a long list of botanicals involved in mental well-being one way or another, we identified Linden, Passionflower and Lemon balm, to (respectively) relieve nervousness and reduce agitation/restlessness due to mental stress.

While botanicals cover mental well-being, vitamins and vitamins make additional contributions to the formula by promoting healthy physical, psychological, cognitive, nervous and immune functions. So teens can feel their best both mentally and physically.


Since 2007, Veeva has been dedicated to providing comprehensive natural and

lasting relief from stress, anxiety and sleep disorders. Founder and President Alain

Roy brought his 30+ year experience in the supplement and wellness industry to the

creation of Veeva with a mission to help inspire individuals to find peace by

developing a new perspective on mental well being. Veeva was the winner of the 2018 and 2019 National Nutrition award for Best Herbal Product (Anxiety Formula) and Best Product Line (Stress Products). Veeva is headquartered in Union Bay, British Columbia and is distributed to natural products retailers across Canada.

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