The natural route to relieving anxiety

without the side-effects of prescription medication.

Veeva Mission

Be at peace

Veeva is dedicated to providing comprehensive natural and lasting relief from stress, anxiety and sleep disorders. Our mission is to help inspire individuals to find peace by developing a new perspective on mental well-being.


Veeva Stress Formula


Helps to relieve stress related effects, mental stress and restlessness, and promotes calmness.

Veeva Anxiety Formula

Helps to reduce and relieve occasional anxiety associated with stress.


Veeva Sleep Formula


Used as a sleep aid in cases of nervousness, restlessness or insomnia due to mental stress.


Essential oil mists, roll-ons and pure essential oil blends were developed to provide an extra boost relief along with supplements, or on their own.

Sandra, Toronto

As someone who has struggled with anxiety for years, the Veeva line was the first to help support in a way that blasted a healthy dose of genuine calm and clarity into my life.

Malik, Toronto

Only a few weeks in and I feel the difference! Of course, it's important to also make changes in overall lifestyle as well to get the full effect.

Nicole, Port Hope

Although I was visiting my local aromatherapy store to purchase essential oils, I discovered Veeva supplements. Thanks to Veeva, I was able to get off of my prescription drugs.

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