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NEW PODCAST - Table for three - You, me and anxiety

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

Veeva is a proud sponsor of the new Podcast by our friends from The Connection Project BC, called A Table for Three: You, Me and Anxiety.

Join holistic health practitioners and workshop leaders, Catrina McCrae and Janette Mason, as they deep dive into their experiences with mental illness and how they and their guests use nutrition, movement, creativity and mindfulness to optimize their health and enhance their lives.

You may even hear our President and Founder, Alain Roy, join them to provide ideas, and tips to help others who are struggling with their mental health. Veeva is on a mission to change how we approach, treat, and live with mental health issues using non-prescription, natural solutions.

Veeva + The Connection Project BC = A perfect combination!

So take a breath and pull up a chair; let’s join Catrina & Janette in this great journey.

Click your favourite Podcast app below.

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