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Stress and Athletic Performance

You are pushing and striving to reach your sports performance goal, and you know that you are 110% committed to doing whatever it takes to make it happen. You feel the adrenaline, you show the drive. But you also know that overtraining can actually weaken even the strongest athlete— a Catch-22 that every serious athlete wants to avoid.

Symptoms of overtraining often occur from a lack of necessary recovery time. These include decreased training capacity, reduction in performance, increased injury, tiredness and fatigue, poor sleep, depression, and irritability. It is imperative to find a balance between overload and recovery, and the associated effects of stress. Unchecked stress will negatively impact training and hinder muscle recuperation.

Recovery is essential for success. Muscle repair through rest, nutrition, and optimal supplementation allows the body to adapt to the physiological and psychological stress that has been placed on it. Scientifically formulated Veeva Stress Formula can help.

Based on cutting-edge research, Veeva Stress Formula has been designed to help your body and mind manage stress and improve sleep. And this can positively impact your performance and help increase lean muscle gain. Studies indicate that cortisol levels and inflammation increase with stress and sleep disorders, and an elevated cortisol rate remaining high during the night, decreases human growth hormone which is essential for tissue repair.

The synergistic nutrients found in Veeva Stress Formula work like a finely oiled machine to:

  • Reduce inflammation in tissues

  • Act on stress and its associated symptoms

  • Promote endurance and mental performance

  • Support brain and stress response function

  • Alleviate mental fatigue

  • Promote healthy mood balance and relaxation

  • Improve sleep efficiency

Veeva Stress Formula helps to support essential muscle recuperation, by reducing cortisol levels and its detrimental effects, so you can train often—and harder.


Michele Sevier DNM, DAc, B.Ed is an educator and advocate of natural health and healing. As an independent advisor to natural products developers, she is actively involved in many facets of integrative medicine including research, and the formulation of specialized supplements providing natural health solutions to the general public.

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