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We Know Mental Health Supplements

My name is Alain Roy. I am the founder and president of Veeva Inc. I have worked in the field of natural health products for almost 40 years. Through developing science-based, top quality products, I like to think I’ve helped many people maintain good health, find better health or even reach for optimum health. Mine is a most gratifying job.

In 2001, I saw the need for products to address the growing incidence of mental health issues. Products that offer solutions other than prescription drugs. To me, having different options is important. In French, we call supplements “médecine douce”, which means “gentle medicine”. I love that term. Why not try these proven and gentle medicines first?

We started our research on the belief that stress affects every aspect of health in a much more dramatic way than most people think. Later, family disasters were a trigger point to extend our research to mental health as a whole. We now offer natural solutions for stress, anxiety, insomnia and mental well-being for teens, as supplements and aromatherapy products.

Created by a Scientific Advisory Council of scientists and practitioners, our formulas have come to be known by health care professionals as highly effective.

We’ve been developing mental health products for more than 20 years. That’s our mission. It’s all we do, and we do it well.

Stress Formula: It goes well beyond treating adrenal fatigue. It helps moderate the stress response, so that it ACTUALLY reduces stress.

Anxiety Formula: Our scientists pioneered the first and only supplement LICENSED by Health Canada to treat occasional anxiety related to stress.

Sleep Formula: Designed to help with three main sleep issues. Falling asleep, staying asleep and getting good quality sleep.

Teen Formula: The ONLY supplement LICENSED by Health Canada for teen nervousness, restlessness/agitation and sleeplessness related to stress. If your teen has explored other lifestyle factors and still needs extra help, this is the product for them.

B Complex with Alkaline C: An advanced B Complex is always a good idea to support the central nervous system.

Theanine & Magnesium: Highly effective relaxation, without drowsiness.

Aromatherapy: Use these as support products along with supplements, or on their own for immediate relief. Peaceful DAY, NOW and NIGHT blends are sold as roll-ons, mists and pure essential oils.

If you know someone in your family, co-workers or group of friends, who suffers from the devastating effects of stress, anxiety and sleeplessness, tell them about Veeva, the company that knowns natural mental health supplements.

With numerous award-winning supplements under his belt, Alain Roy assembled a team of scientists to create the most comprehensive natural products for mental health. For Alain, Veeva fulfills a personal mission to help people discover natural ways to find peace of mind in everyday life.

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