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Not Your Average Stress Product

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

Hello. My name is Alain Roy. I am the founder and President of Veeva. We specialize in natural solutions for mental wellness.

On those rare occasions when I get quality time with someone, to delve deep into product talk, people are usually well-impressed with our formulation process, particularly for our Stress Formula.

Traditionally, in natural products circles, we tend to approach stress from a perspective of adrenal fatigue. Stress is so very taxing on adrenals, it makes good sense to help repair and support adrenal function. However, doing so only serves to take care of the damage caused by stress. It doesn’t treat stress itself.

Our Approach

Our Stress Formula is licensed for "Relieving stress-related effects". That's the official benefit. But the story behind that product is quite something.

We started this in 2001, and worked over 9 years, with 8 different health professionals. Studying how best to approach the subject, we decided that “brain health” was the ticket. We realized that stress doesn’t exist out there in the world. Stressors do.

Stress, is caused by ourselves, by reacting to stressors. Our formulating team decided that creating a formula to treat the stress response, was THE right approach. We are talking about treating the actual cause of stress (a poor, exaggerated or inappropriate stress response), not just the damaged caused by stress.

What Does The Stress Response Look Like?

1) Stressor happens. Ranging from small and useful, to dramatic and harmful, to life-threatening.

2) Brain reacts. Appropriately or not.

3) Brain instructs. Chemicals are mobilized, depending on the brain’s instructions.

What will the brain instruct? This is key.

Life-threatening stressors require a flight or flight reaction. But the problem is, so many of us are stuck on that mode, and we cannot find the “off switch”. We react dramatically to even the smallest of stressors. Even stressors that could be helpful. My favourite reference, authour of Zebras Don’t Get Ulcers, Robert M. Sapolsky says “Pretty soon, the stress response becomes more damaging than the stressor itself”. This video says it all, and it’s only 3 minutes.

Our formulators developed the formula to help balance all that complicated chemistry that takes place, when faced with chronic or acute stressors. The idea is to help our customers have an “appropriate” response to stressors. It’s all about stress management.

A new perspective: To be at peace with stress through stress management. To do so, you must catch stress where it all begins. In the brain.

What's Inside The Veeva Stress Formula?

Keeping this in mind, we narrowed down on the following ingredients that are able to - according to their findings, studies and references, target brain chemistry:

  • Improving the availability of GABA (Lemon balm).

  • Decreasing cortisol production (Ashwagandha).

  • Moderating neurotransmitters (Rhodiola).

  • Increasing alpha brain waves (Theanine).

  • Raising serotonin and melatonin levels (5-HTP).

  • Nourishing the brain for proper function (Choline, Inositol).

  • Protecting the brain with antioxidants (Allspice, cinnamon, cloves).

For those who know herbals well, the formula may seem obvious. But we started with about 200 ingredient candidates and studied more than 250 references!

This formula is anything but ordinary. Our formulators designed it as the most advanced stress management formulation there is. It's our most important product and it will change the way your body handles stress.

When we say “reduce your stress”, we mean it.

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